Human Systems Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: If I have a question about a Human Systems activity, who can I contact for more information?

A: Please send your Human Systems question to Human Systems Team. You will receive a response or call within a few days of your query.

Q: If I already have a PIN for my IR&D submissions, do I need to get another PIN for my Human Systems entries?

A: No. If you already have a PIN, you can use this same PIN for both IR&D and Human Systems submissions.  Please note that PINs do expire annually so beginning January 1, 2013, every organization will need to re-register to receive a new PIN.

Q: What are the security safeguards that have been put in place to protect firms' data?

A: The department hired an independent team to perform a security review of the Defense Innovation Marketplace.  The review included the flow of data, firewalls and database accesses that are tied to the Defense Innovation Marketplace.  In addition, access restrictions are in place for:

    Input Site
  • Upon request and verification, companies will be issued a unique and secure PIN, which is required to enter data.
  • The PIN must be used to access the site to enter data; no other functionality is available to industry beyond data entry. Firms have no access to information submitted by other PIN holders.
    Search Site
  • Access to view organization's project data is restricted to only those Government Personnel granted access based on a defined requirement.

Q: I don't do a lot of business with the Department of Defense. Can I still share my Human Systems ideas?

A: Yes. All organizations that would like to share their Human Systems projects can register to receive a PIN and then enter their data into the secure Defense Innovation Marketplace. A PIN is a unique number that links your organization to your CAGE code.  Visit to learn how to obtain CAGE code if you do not have one.

Q: I just want to attend the Spring/Summer in-person Interchange. How can I register?

A: In order to attend the Spring/Summer in-person Interchange, you first need to submit your Human Systems R&D project data into the Defense Innovation Marketplace’s secure site. Your information will provide the Government meaningful and actionable information for evaluating potential collaborations in advance of the Spring/Summer face-to-face meeting.  Invitations to the face-to-face meeting will be contingent on the Government receiving organizations’ R&D project reports however submission of R&D project reports does not guarantee participation in the face-to-face meeting.  Evaluation criteria will be shared in future FedBizOpps announcement and postings on this site.

Q: Will the Department be conducting all future meetings and technology interchanges like this?

A: This Human Systems Joint-Service Interchange is an experiment, and based on comments from Government and industry, we will evaluate how we conduct future activities on the Marketplace.

Q: Is there a deadline for industry to submit its HS project data?

The deadline for Industry's participating organizations to submit their HS R&D project is February 15, 2013. Details on what kind of information you should submit is listed here. If you need additional information about DoD's needs, email us.

Q: Is there a specific time period for the project materials that you would like uploaded?
Only projects from the past year?

A: No, there are no restrictions when work was performed as we are primarily interested in the merits of projects that address Human Systems' needs. When entering older project data you will need to work within the constraints of the upload mechanism, which only allows for projects completed in the year of entry.  For projects completed in prior years, you would select the "COMPLETED" Status of Effort, submit funding for:
1) CURRENT Year or 2) PRIOR Year

You would populate with funding data for the final 2 years of the project and annotate the abstract for the years when the project was performed.

Q: Should the submissions be DoD funded research only?

A: No. DoD Funded Research should not be added into the database. Rather, industry's inputs can include your company's entire funding portfolio related to Human System R&D, including DoD reimbursed IR&D and corporate investment aimed at commercial or other Federal/State markets.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of projects that we can submit?

There is no limit on the number of projects that you can submit.


Updated 8/27/13