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Air Force (AF) Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation (SDPE) held its first ever Technology Interchange Meeting (TIM) at the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Ft. Belvoir, VA, 6-10 February 2017. The Step 1 event was attended by Air Force Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) knowledgeable in the area of Air Superiority 2030, and Multi Domain Command & Control (MDC2).  The team of SMEs actively engaged with representatives from 60 companies.

The Step 2 event, held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, 13-15 March 2017, was hosted by AF MDC2.  During the event, SMEs met with 28 companies individually to discuss the details of their approaches in addressing the challenges facing the warfighter’s near-term capability areas, which were discussed at the Step 1 event.    

This fast paced event was the first of its kind held by the Air Force.  The important aspect of this two-step TIM, was the opportunity for the Government to engage with the Industry directly.  Step 2 was industry’s opportunity to share their ideas and efforts directly with the Government and receive real-time feedback. 

Those attending the meeting agree it was a critical forum for sustaining meaningful dialogue between Government SMEs and Industry representatives.  We anticipate another SDPE event next year, and will continue to share news on the Defense Innovation Marketplace and the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) websites, as well as across social media.  Stay tuned for further updates.