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The Electronic Warfare (EW) Community of Interest (COI)
Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Technology Interchange
24-28 April, 2017 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio


The Electronic Warfare (EW) Community of Interest (COI) is proudly sponsoring the 2017 EW COI Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Technology Interchange Meetings (TIMs), April 24-28, at Wright-Patterson AFB OH. This technology engagement is led by the EW COI Senior Steering Group, composed of leaders and technical subject matter experts (SMEs) from across the service departments and other Department of Defense (DoD) and government agencies.

This is a unique set of government and Industry technology exchanges, where after the EW COI team posts key documentation for Industry’s perusal, there is a requirement for interested companies and academic institutions to nominate corporate IR&D portfolios and technical reports that are relevant to addressing warfighter capabilities and technology needs in EW.

If you are interested in participating...

Send your expression of interest immediately to dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil.  As you do your due diligence on your interest in this DoD-Industry technology engagement, we are sure you will have questions about the technical content of documents, data shared, and processes to be used in the planning and execution of this event.  Please forward your inquiries to the EW COI planning team at dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil.  Our team of EW experts is postured to provide you timely responses.  Our EW team has put together strategic and informative documents that are accessible on the upper right corner of this page under “Electronic Library” – as well as in the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) repository on the Secure Internet Protocol Router and the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) when applicable.  We recommend reading the information in the Electronic Library in order, since it builds from general to more specific.  Please check back to this webpage for updates as the event draws closer.

** Please note, in effort to prevent any technology related abnormalities, if you didn’t hear back from the IR&D planning team after one week of sending your e-mail, please try again by forwarding us your original e-mail. 

If you would like to share your projects...

In order to be INVITED to attend the face-to-face technology interchange meeting in April 2017, you have to nominate corporate IR&D projects to the EW COI team. The COI team will select the final list of projects to be presented and discussed in the face-to-face meeting.

Industry inputs should be submitted to the Defense Innovation Marketplace using the "Submit your EW Technology IR&D project data here" link at the right-hand column of this webpage. Follow the input format and submit your project summaries, with any attachments, by 15 December 2016. Please identify which activity area each submission record tends to address for discussion.

Each project summary will generate a Record Number (8 digits) as a unique identifier. Please email the Record Number(s) of your submission(s) to dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil. If your company already has entered IR&D projects into the secure IR&D database that you would like to have considered for the face-to-face meetings, there is no need to re-enter this data. Simply email a list of the Record Number(s) (total limit of 30 with no more than 10 in any one activity area) to the same dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil email address no later than 15 December 2016. Submission of these records does not guarantee participation in the event.

** Please note, if this is your first time responding to an announcement, keep in mind that obtaining the required access to the IR&D Database takes at least ONE week. To obtain access to the IR&D Database please visit http://www.defenseinnovationmarketplace.mil/industry.html.  Submissions received after the closing date and/or not submitted through the IR&D Database will not be accepted or considered.

Additional Information

This EW COI IR&D technical interchange has broad goals to increase awareness, stimulate collaboration, and seek alignment between Industry’s game-changing, revolutionary innovations in research and development (R&D) projects and DoD’s high priority technology needs and activity areas.  The invitation is open to all Industry participants, including large and small businesses, as well as academia.  The government EW team, at this event, will have senior level technical representation from the major EW activities identified.  Be advised that technical support contractors may supplement the government team.  If it becomes necessary to augment the SME pool to include support contractors, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) will be used to ensure all protocols for protection of proprietary data and intellectual property are strictly followed.

The EW COI taxonomy includes the following technical challenge areas:

  1. Cognitive/Adaptive Capabilities: Effectively outpace adversary decision and technical options.
  2. Distributed/Coordinated/Net-Enabled Systems: Spatially and temporally diverse awareness, action and response.
  3. Preemptive/Proactive Effects: Prevent or disrupt the adversary’s ability to engage our forces.
  4. Broadband/Multispectral Components and Systems: EO/IR/RF receivers and transmitters with wideband and extended spectral coverage.
  5. Modular/Open/Reconfigurable Architectures: Software defined; unrestricted waveforms; standard interfaces.
  6. Advanced Electronic Protection Techniques and Technology: Allow unfettered ops in the dense EM spectrum environment.

Please note the event's official FedBizOps announcement can be found here.  All subsequent updates will be posted only to The Defense Innovation Marketplace website.  Additional details for this EW COI IR&D TIM event will be communicated to both Government and Industry through this EW COI marketplace webpage.

The EW COI team will continue to add to the Electronic Library key documents deemed to be of significant importance to the IR&D TIM.  Government data distribution statements may vary – some documents may be limited to US Government Agencies and/or Department of Defense (DoD) employees/contractors.  If a firm does not fall within one of these categories, partnering with defense-experienced companies is strongly suggested.


The notional schedule below is for planning purposes only and subject to change.  Any subsequent revisions will be posted on this page and the EW COI marketplace webpage.

  • October 2016  – Window opens for submissions of Industry IR&D reports to the Marketplace IR&D database; forward IR&D report number list to dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil
  • 15 December 2016  – Window closes for submissions of Industry IR&D reports
  • Late February 2017 – Selected firms receive invitation to participate in the face-to-face event, including allotted dates/times for technical discussions with the Government SME team.  At this point, NDAs will need to be executed if necessary.
  • Late March 2017  – Selected firms provide read ahead
  • 24-28 April 2017 – Event is conducted in the Wright-Patterson AFB, area


The government is not obligated to enter into a contract with Industry as a result of IR&D collaborations from our dialogue.  Data exchanges as a result of these dialogue activities follow No Foreign Nationals (NOFORN) and International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions.  Some general and limited data will be made available through this webpage.  Some information we intend to share may be classified or unclassified and can only be released as Distribution C, D, or E material.  Again, Please recognize dates and locations listed are subject to change.  Refer other requests for these documents and data using the email dtic.belvoir.ecm.list.electronic-warfare@mail.mil