Protection, Sustainment, and Physical Performance (PSPP)

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Definition: PSPP supports the full spectrum of warfighting and peacekeeping.  PS&PP research topics include: combat clothing and equipment; combat rations and field-feeding equipment; logistics readiness; physical aiding and enhancement; vehicle escape and crash safety; survival and rescue; aerial delivery; dismounted, mounted, and aircrew warrior systems integration; and warfighter systems analysis.


  • Extreme Environment Protection
  • Combat Clothing & Protective Equipment
  • Extended Combat Rations & Field Feeding Equipment
  • Physical Aiding
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Vehicle Escape & Crash Safety
  • Survival & Rescue
  • Aerial Delivery
  • Warrior-System Integration
  • Metrics & Measures of Effectiveness

End States, Technology Challenges/Gaps & Roadmaps:


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DoD Budget and Work Description (R2s) within Protection, Sustainment, and Physical Performance (Excel)


Updated 8/6/13