Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Understanding (SCBU)

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Definition: SCBU is the application of knowledge, skills and supporting technologies to enhance the ability to understand complex human terrain and socio-cultural environments. This approach is a merging of the social sciences with the computational and computer sciences to deliver the methodologies and tools to support Phase 0 (planning/shaping) to Phase 4 (stabilization) military operations critical to success in military operations. SCBU technologies will support the development of products which include: methodologies to collect socio-cultural data in denied areas; validated models and synthetic entities to support training, simulation, and mission rehearsal; validated socio-cultural models and tools to support operational planning and intelligence analysis.


  • Cultural Situation Awareness
  • Socio-Cultural Models & Synthetic Entities for:

    • Socio-Cultural Data in Denied Areas
    • Social Network Analysis
  • Building Partnerships
  • Metrics & Measures of Effectiveness

End States, Technology Challenges/Gaps & Roadmaps:


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Published DoD Budget and Work Description (R2s) within Social, Cultural & Behavioral Understanding (Excel)


Updated 8/6/13