April 2015

Space Virtual Technology Interchange

April 20-24

Weapons COI Technology Interchange Meeting (TIM)

April 27

DARPA THoR Proposers Day, Denver, CO

April 29-30

DARPA Innovative Systems for Military Missions Industry Day

April 29-30

Joint Special Operations Command Capabilities and Technology Expo, Mclean, VA

May 4-5

NDIA Annual Acquisition Seminar "Pathway to Transformation", Arlington, VA

May 12-14

2015 Chemical and Biological Defense S&T Conference, St. Louis, MO

May 19-21

AUSA ILW LANPAC Symposium and Exposition, Honolulu, Hawaii

May 19-21

2015 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference), Tampa FL

June 2015

Human Systems Virtual Interchange

June 9-11

Airborne Network Technology Review Days, Utica, NY

June 16-21

Navy League of the United States National Convention, Tampa Bay, Florida

July 7-9

International Space System R&D Conference, Boston, MA

Sept 14-16

Air and Space Conference and Technology Exposition 2015, National Harbor, MD

October 2015

Aeronautical Virtual Technology Interchange

Oct 12-14

AUSA Annual Meeting Exposition, Washington D.C


Updated 4/24/15